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MAF Method - Update

I’m a strong believer in the MAF Approach to the endurance training. I apply the heart rate training principles to both running and cycling. I wrote about maf method in two article series - Part 1 and Part 2

Goa TriCamp Report - March 2019

My Coach (Kaustubh Radkar) has planned for a 3 days Triathlon Camp in Goa. It was from 8th March to 10th March.

Most of the participants were preparing for Ironman 70.3 Goa. Kaustubh and Indrajeet were our coaches for the camp.⁣

Day 1

My Top 5 Triathlon Podcasts

In my last article on podcast, I shared my top 5 fav podcasts, I introduced podcasts and shared my top 5 favorite podcasts.

Continuing on the theme, I want to share few of my Triathlon focussed podcasts. While there are tons of Triathlon specific podcasts, some of them really resonates with my training philosophy. Here are few of them: