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NE Diaries#2 - Assam

From Dirang, we started our return journey. Wife was keen to contiue till Tawang, but Dirang to Tawang is 175km, and journey takes 8 to 10 hours, as bad roads. We were not keen to do this hectic leg with kids in tow. So, we decided to head back towards Assam.

Day4 : Dirang -> Nameri National Park

If you recall pics from Day2, we stopped at Nameri EcoPark for lunch. It was a lovely place, in middle of jungle. So this is where we decided to head back.

Day5: Nameri -> Kajiranga

Day6 : Kajiranga

Day7 : Kaziranga -> Majuli

For Day1, our target was to reach at Bhalukpong, which is end point of Assam. We started around 8AM from hotel. All excited, trip was starting now. Some pics from Day2:

Some Chips seller with OCD. He was stapling these chips packet all the time we halted for lunch. Nice cool breeze, Ryan Happy!

For lunch, we stopped at a place called Nameri Fishing Camp. This was a beautiful place, in middle of jungle. Unfortunately, food was finished there!
Riya Posing We all hungry Kids and Swings! Papa Beti posing near Jia Bhoroli River

Around 4PM, we reached Bhalukpong. We took cottage at Prashanti Lodge (Rs 1700/- for cottage) Bhalukpong - Prashanti Lodge - Kids Enjoying Bhalukpong - Prashanti Lodge -Our cottage Bhalukpong - Prashanti Lodge -River View Bhalukpong - Prashanti Lodge - #2 Bhalukpong - Prashanti Lodge - #3 Bhalukpong - Prashanti Lodge - Riya Cartwheel Kids wrestling Bhalukpong - Prashanti Lodge - Riya Cartwheel Dharna Kumari Ryan all set to go Some random river Riya Experiments

Day3 - Bhalukpong -> Dirang (110km)

TBD After having a nice breakfast at the lodge, we left for Dirang. The roads starts to go little bad from Bhalukpong, and it was expected to take about 4-5 hours to reach. Bhalukpong is one of the entry point for Arunachal Pradesh. So we had to show our ILP here.
Weather was very nice today, and scenery even more so.
Riya in front of waterfall Lovely view of the valley Is it wood block? Is it Gun? Our Hotel at Dirang Lovely flowers Riya posing with flowers Make some noise!

There was a “famous” hot water spring in Dirang. We climbed down there. What a disappointment it was. Having seen hot water geysers in Ladakh, we were expecting something similar. But water was not even lukewarm. Some locals were bathing in there, and it all looked very unhygenic. Surely a waste of time. Enter the caption Enter the caption Enter the caption

There are many solar panels all around North East. It is subsidized by government. A good initiative.
Solar panels Local version of chausar Nag Mandir