About Me


This is my personal blog. I write about my ideas, learnings, travel reports, and lately a lot about sports.

I’m a geek at heart, and I like to continuously push myself out of my comfort zone.

Since childhood, I’ve been obsessed with reading. I started with fiction - Jeffrey Archer, PG Wodehouse, Sherlock Holmes, Classic Novels - the list is endless. I used to have books in all corners of hourse.
Lately my interest has shifted to non fiction. I’m obsessed with science of habit forming, and reading a lot on it these days. I also read a lot about sports science in general.

Triathlons are something which is a major part of my life currently. It started as a bucket list item, and has grown into a full blown passion. You’ll find lot about triathlon on my blog.

I’ve built this website using Jekyll/Hydeout. I like the simplicity offered by static website - no frills, just plain text and images. For VPS, I use Github Pages..

I like to connect with like minded people. If you want to connect, and discuss about anything, drop me a note.

You can reach to me at rishi at jigyasu dot com.

PS: Jigyasu is a hindi word
(a.) Given to examination, investigation, or research; searching; curious.
(n.) A person who is inquisitive; one curious in research.