Building a website - #1 - Registering a Domain

In this series of articles, I’m going to capture step by step process involved in setting up a website.

This article focus on registering the domain name for the website.This the name you want to give to your website. Registering the domain doesn’t give you a website, it just gives you a name. It is similar to registering a new business.

Two main steps to follow to register the domain.

  1. Before we register the domain, we’ve to finalize which domain name to register. Choosing name for your website is something which varies from person to person, on the need. But be aware that nowadays, most of the good/common names are taken. To find a good name for your website, I recommend LeanDomainSearch

  2. Once you’ve finalized a domain name which is available, it must be registered. ICANN is the organization which registers all the website names. The domain can be registered on ICANN via a a Domain Name Registerar. Two of the most famous options are GoDaddy and Namescheap

This website is registered with GoDaddy. They’ve a very clean interface and easy to use. Nowadays, you can register the website for one year at cost of $10. No reason not to grab the domain name of your choice now.


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