Exercise and Weight Loss

She: You’re so lean.
Me: Thank you. I try to eat clean.
She: No no, you’re slim because you work out so much.

This sort of conversation is a pet peeve of mine.

Yes, I love to work out. It keeps me fit and healthy.

BUT, that is NOT the biggest contributor to my body weight. Not even close.

Exercise has many benefits. It improves cardiovascular health, increases immunity, keeps your energy levels great throughout the day. And many more benefits.

Everyone should do some basic exercise. We humans, are evolved to move. A sedentary lifestyle is killing more people than Cancer.

But, if your goal from exercise is weight loss, please pause for a minute.

Consider the below chart. This is for a 68k person. Add/Subtract 10% for each +-7kg.

Exercise Intensity Calories/30 min
Aerobics Light 120
  Moderate 200
  Vigorous 300
Walking 4km/hr 105
  7km/hr 200
Running 9km/hr 320
  10km/hr 350
Cycling 9km/hr 120
  16km/hr 220
Swimming 25meters/min 165
  40meters/min 240
Weight Lifting Light 210

Now, consider calories in some common foods:

Food Calories
Chapati 100
Masala Dosa 200
Samosa 150
Tea/Coffee 70-80
Coke 150
McDonald Paneer Spicy Wrap 818
Ice cream (normal serve) 350-400
Dominos Cheese-Burst Pizza 1 Slice 210

Pause and Reflect on this.

Eat one spicy wrap, and then run for 90 minutes to compensate.
Eat one extra chapati, and walk for 30 minutes.
I love Dominos Cheese Burst Pizza. But did you know it is loaded with so much calorie.
Maybe you knew but didn’t care. Just two slices of pizza would need an hour of Aerobics to burn it off. And who stops at just two slices of pizza??

Again, Exercise is awesome. I would be the last person to discourage anything from exercising. But, if your goal is weight loss, check your intake first.

Remember this:
##Your nutrition decides how much you weigh.
##Your exercise decides where that weight is distributed.

Next week I will write on how small changes in diet can bring massive improvements.


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