MAF Method - Update

I’m a strong believer in the MAF Approach to the endurance training. I apply the heart rate training principles to both running and cycling. I wrote about maf method in two article series - Part 1 and Part 2

I’m 41 year old, and my MAF range is 134-144bpm. I’ve been training consistently with this method for 1+ year, and my MAF Pace has slowly come down from 8:40min/km to 6:40min/km. This is a saving of 2min per km. In a half marathon distance, this is a saving of 40min.

In today’s blog, I want to share my recent progress.

Let me give an example of 2 runs I did

  1. Half Marathon Race @ Amritsar - Jan 2018
  2. Half Marathon Practice MAF Run @ Delhi - Apr 2018

The elevation was similar. Amritsar was a colder weather, which is easier for the running. Still Delhi run was far easier

  SuperSikh Half Marathon @ Amritsar (Winters) Weekend Easy MAF Run @ Delhi (Summers)
Date Jan 28, 2018 6:53 AM Apr 14, 2019 6:28 AM
Distance 20.78 km 21.12 km
Time 2.26.57 2.23.42
Avg Pace 7:04 min/km 6:48 min/km
Moving Time 2.26.20 2.22.29
Min Elev 225m 170m
Max Elev 235m 194m
Avg HR 162bpm 135bpm
Max HR 185bpm 145bpm
Avg Temperature 9.2 Deg 29.1 Deg

For similar pace, my Heart Rate was lower by 27 beats. This is huge saving.

Most of my runs are easy MAF Run. I do introduce speedwork closer to the race, but that is never more than once a week. Best thing about MAF Runs is that it needs zero recovery, as it is done in a very comfortable heart zone. And as Heart rate is so controlled, the form doesn’t drop. In 2 years of regular training, I had zero injury.

The journey continues.


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