North East Calling

Year: 1990

My Geography Teacher to class: “Name the place which gets max rainfall in a year”
We all shouting, trying to impress the teacher: “Cherrapunji!!!”

It all started with Cherrapunji.

Like many other kids, I first read about Cherrapunji during school time. Our education system is famous for making us remember countless useless trivia. This was one of them. But somehow name of this place stayed with me. My entire childhood was in Delhi, where summers are merciless. Monsoon season is the time when whole earth smiles, flowers bloom, sun takes a rest and it is pleasant all around. As far as I remember, I’ve always been in love with rains. No wonder I could not forget about the place where it rains the most! Cherrapunji!!

Few years back, I read a novel - “Twilight” and saw the movie series. Now, in this movie, hero is a vampire, who can’t be out in the sun (Vampires, you see! They don’t have very sunny disposition). So he has to always stay where very less sun, and it rains. Whole novel was set in Forks, Washington where it rains a lot. Now, novel was forgettable, movie even more so. But visuals of lush green all around with rain pouring in were awesome. Bought back my thoughts about Cherrapunji.

Few months back, I read an article on indiamike about living root bridge trek in Meghalaya. And where is this living root bridge? Cherrapunji! I was sold, had to visit this place now.

So, whole north east trip planning started with Cherrapunji as “must-visit”. Rest were all afterthought places. And I was in for some surprise!

In following articles, I’m going to capture the journey:

  • Part 1: Planning
  • Part 2: Journey Starts - Arunachal Pradesh
  • Part 3: Assam - Land of Rhinos and Bharamputra
  • Part 4: Meghalaya - Abode of Cloud


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