North East Trip - Planning

Wife: “Kitni thand hogi? Jackets ok ya sweater lun?”
Riya: “Swimming pool to hoga na?”
Ryan: “Hum hotel jaa rahe hein?”
Me (wondering): “This river rafting at Bharamputra seems very cool. Need to check”

Trip planning is a serious business. Biggest question usually is where to go. Actually, no! Biggest question is chutti kitni hai? How many days of vacation can we take? Ok for both of us? Ok for Kids? Ok for parents, who were joining us this time? So, aligning dates, and then the right place to go (as per weather) is the first question.

For this trip, atleast we had an initial plan - Cherrapunji! :)

We had one week to spare before our parents joined us. We initially explored going to Bhutan for a week from Guwahati but dropped the plan for 2 reasons: 1) Delhi-Bhutan airfare is almost same as Guwahati-Bhutan. So didn’t make sense. and 2) The flight to Bhutan was sold out for our dates.

Wife and I took out NE Map, started exploring areas. We also looked into 8 days package from popular travel companies - Makemytrip, Cleartrip etc, to get an idea of what are the popular sightseeing options. Now we generally don’t do all “touristy” stuff, but it is a good area to start investigation from. And ofcourse, tripadvisor and are my fav sites to explore in detail.
One remark here - since past many years, we always make only high level tentative plans, and never booked a package tour. This gives us a lot of flexibility when we reach the place - some new places to discover. This was to happen in this trip too - we could discover Majuli River Island, and Maple Pine Farm only because we had a flexibility. Ofcourse, this way is not for everyone. But if you can travel like this, it is highly recommended.

Ok, back from digressing. Trip dates were settled, tentative list of places was settled. We were going to go to Tawang in Arunachal, and then join parents on 12th May at Guwahati, to go to Meghalaya.

Then we went over what all to take, what would be the weather, how we’ll commute (luggage depends on that). Discussion and planning went on till 7th Morning, which was our journey start date.

What a trip it was going to be!


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