My Top 5 Triathlon Podcasts

In my last article on podcast, I shared my top 5 fav podcasts, I introduced podcasts and shared my top 5 favorite podcasts.

Continuing on the theme, I want to share few of my Triathlon focussed podcasts. While there are tons of Triathlon specific podcasts, some of them really resonates with my training philosophy. Here are few of them:

1. Purple Patch Fitness:

Purple Patch Fitness

Matt Dixon is one of the top coaches in the Triathlon world. He has a talent of reducing the complex topic to basics, and reducing it to “actionable advice”. His coached triathletes have wom max podium finishes.
His podcasts are short (30min to an hour), and packed with actionable knowledge. Particularly his series on nutrition and hydration are just awesome.

2. Pursuit of the Perfect Race

Pursuit of the Perfect Race

Coach Terry describes his podcast as

I love seeing, hearing, and experiencing the pure emotion of athletes when they overcome obstacles, challenges and hardships to accomplish the previously thought to be impossible. Challenging athletes to be better, do better, and not make the mistakes of others is important to me. I network with athletes all over the world to discover their victories, challenges, disappointments, mistakes they made, and how they found what worked for them through a podcast.

He focus primarily on the race day -

  • Details about the Race - Swim / Bike / Run Portion
  • T1/T2 setup
  • Support Arrangements
  • What went right / wrong

He covers both professional triathletes and amateurs. Best part is the podcasts are arranged by races. So if you’re going to race a particular Ironman, you can listen to that particular episode to get an idea of what to expect there. I’ve already listened to his Ironman Copenhegan episode twice.

3. That Triathlon Show:

That Triathlon Show

This podcast is geared towards tips on swimming, running, cycling and nutrition. A wealth of knowledge. Mikael Eriksson, the host of the show, is himself a very good triathlete, who is improving very fast.

4. Triathlon Taren:

Triathlon Taren Podcast

Taren is an all around crazy, and fun guy. And is such a fabulous storehouse of knowledge. I’ve heard each one of his podcast, and learnt a ton. Along with podcast, he also have a YouTube Channel where one can find a lot of useful triathlon learning videos.

5. Tower 26:

Gerry Rodrigues, host of this show, is a towering figure in the world of Open Water Swimming and Triathlon swimming. Many professional triathletes rates him as the best swimming coach. This podcast is focussed more towards Triathlon Swimming, and many great episodes.

Honorary Mentions:

  1. Team Oxygen Addict
  2. The Fat Black Podcast

That’s it, folks. If you’re training for Triathlon, and love listening to podcasts, these are some very valuable and fun resources to get started. It is a good way to spend time during those long training rides.


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